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The number one priority of city leadership is safety for our residents and throughout the community, I am happy to report, that major crimes throughout Naperville are on the decline.  Naperville continues to be ranked one of the safest cities in America.

I have learned firsthand the hard work both our police department and fire department do to keep us safe.  The Naperville fire department conducts a training day known as Firefighting 101.  It is a training day, meant to teach elected officials about what it is like to be a fire fighter.  I’ve worn the protective suit, operated a fire house, and swung an axe. It is not for the faint of heart.  The training increased my understanding of the needs of the fire department in their pursuit to keep us all safe.

I also have participated in many ride-along with our police patrols.  I firmly stand with our police both figurative and literally.  The night of the June 1st riot last summer, I was there.  Depending on the movements of the night, at times were less then 20 yards behind the police lines.  Additionally, in partnership with police leadership, I have championed crisis intervention training for as many of 25 officers.  Lastly, I’ve championed an increase of $ 3 million for police body cameras, and other training to ensure our police department has the necessary tools to remain one of the most professional police departments in the nation.