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The Covid pandemic has affected everyone in many and unpredictable ways.  The concerns are physical health, mental health, and restarting our economy.

Physical health

The Covid pandemic has infected millions and taken over 400, 000 American lives.  There is conflicting information from both national and state health authorities.  However, there is great optimism and hope that the vaccines can be developed and deployed with the greatest of speed.  However, until this can be accomplished, everyone should all follow the CDC guidelines of wearing a mask, keeping 6 ft apart, and washing our hands often.

Mental health

Even before the COVID pandemic Many of us are becoming more and more aware of the mental health concerns throughout our community.  Now, social isolation has made these concerns even more prevalent. I have met with local mental health officials from Linden Oaks, the National Awareness of Mental Illness (NAMI), and SamaraCare.  By championing new grants for mental health initiatives and police crisis intervention training, we can address the ongoing and growing concern of mental health.

Re-starting the Economy

Social isolation caused by the Covid pandemic has greatly damaged our economy.  Many are unemployed.  Additionally, small local retailers and restaurants have been badly hurt.  I continue to meet with and listened to many small business and local restaurant owners to brainstorm possible solutions.  Both the electric and water utilities are owned by city of Naperville, and both have sustainable financial reserves. I continue to work with city staff on programs to delay monthly utility payments for struggling businesses and residents who are unemployed.