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First and foremost, I am proud that the city has maintained level property taxes throughout my first 2 terms on council.  The city’s budget is approximately $500 million dollars, and includes police, fire, public works, the electric utility, and water utility and other public services.  I have a professional background in finance, engineering, and capital project management.  I taught graduate level finance and have served as the Council Liaison for the financial advisory board since 2015.  I also have participated calls with the bond rating agencies of Moody’s, and Standard & Poor.  I have consistently been a debt hawk and have led the way to reducing the city’s debt by $60 million.  This has resulted in an annual savings of $4 million in reduced debt payment service.  This could not have been accomplished without the strong financial principals the council instituted during my first year on council, in 2015.  I championed these robust financials principals and am proud of the policies that have maintain our AAA bond rating through out my 2 terms on council.