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  • Reduced Debt by $60million, saving$4 million in annual debt payments.

  • Maintain AAA Bond rating, with Level Property Taxes.

  • Increased the Police Budget by $ 3 million to include crisis intervention training.

  • Initiated Structurally Balanced budgets (2015-2021).

  • Contributed in National Inclusion and Diversity Councils.

  • Initiated Utility payment relief for struggling local businesses and unemployed residents during COVID.

  • Championed the Naperville Environment and Sustainability Task Force.

  • Championed the Sustainability Manager Position for the city.

  • Eliminated fraternity style party houses in residential neighborhoods.

  • Increase Police budget by $3million to include Crisis Intervention Training.

  • Simplified liquor codes from 60 to 30 pages.

  • Partnered with EPA to allow more time to build a $50 million-dollar wastewater plant upgrade.

  • Passed regulations to treat vaping the same as cigarettes.

  • Sold unnecessary city-owned property